#geraldinebalcazarTHE Drawing 2014 – 2015

A collaboration with sound engineer Ilia Bezroukov. Incorporating the sensory body and live soundscapes.


#geraldinebalcazarJAPA 2014

A work about two other works. Projection, eclectic sound and blue light.

#geraldinebalcazar #cleodemerodeCleo De Merode 2013 – Ongoing

The Indochina Theatre Project

Click here for event video.

The Vietnamese Foundation of Australia proudly presented the lecture-demonstration ” Paris in 1900: Music and Dance from Indochina”, where a performance and lecture presented on research conducted on dance and music from the 1900 Paris World Exposition was directed by Guitarist Le-Tuyen Nguyen.

Geraldine choreographed and danced the dance of Cleo De Merode as a collaborating dance researcher in this project. The dance was created from the research and images gathered by the lead researches, working from still images and historical information of the World Exposition event in the 1900’s, which Geraldine re – invented through her personal movement interpretation.

A book has been written on the findings launched in Vietnam in September 2013. The content of the lecture (presented in the above video) and the writings have now been presented in Vietnam. Click here to read more from ‘Vietnam Dance’.

The Program for ‘Paris in the 1900’s’ Event – November 2013

An introduction lecture explaining the initial research conducted by The Indochina Theatre Project’ founding members, followed by an interpretation (through performance) of Cleo De Merode’ dance to live Vietnamese traditional music.

The event is being supported as an important part of a historical Vietnamese and French Event by the French Embassy who will be represented by Consul-General of France in Sydney Mr Eric Berti.

cropped-Tamara-Pottier-C.jpgProject Amaya 2013

Project Amaya (2013) has been supported by On the cusp 2013 (an Imagine Residency initiative) and Bundanon Trust 2014. 
balcazar_projectamaya_2Dance Movement
Draw Movement
Play Movement

In 2013 Geraldine’s passion for movement, evolved an exploration of moving art, through a three way conversation between dance, music and live painting in her work Project Amaya, presented in 2013 at Bangarra Dance Studios hosted by Imagine Platform.

Click here to watch a video of Project Amaya.

#geraldinebalcazar #projectamaya #blackandwhite #geraldinebalcazar #projectamaya

About the work

The birth of Project Amaya arrived from a long awaited calling for both the visual artist and the choreographer of the project to collaborate together. Music naturally tied the collaboration together and a new vocabulary was formed.

The origins of ones innate movement have become the core of three innovative improvisations between music, art and dance; this forming the first steps in developing the choreographic work. Amaya (6 month old baby) is the spirit of the piece, that connects the dance artist with developing the meaning of her art – communication of self to self and with others. In a collaborative and influential piece engaging the three art forms of visual art, classical guitar, dance and movement, inspired by the natural and instinctive movements from birth.

The piece follows a journey of self discovery connected to episodic movement. The truth in intent that this piece beholds is rare – a collaboration of stunning classical guitar, intriguing and beautiful painting and the connection between the movement and all three artists through the dancer. Engages life completely as it all unfolds before you, and as you will make your own connections with the piece.

Collaborating Artists

Geraldine Balcazar – Director, Choreographer and Dancer

Tamara Pottier – Visual Artist

Victor Martinez Parada – Composer Musician


Project Amaya has been Supported by